Our Story

Flo Technologies is a family company providing innovative and accessible technology solutions that enable and transform the control and conservation of water at home.

In a world awakening to increasing scarcity of our most important natural resource, we are humble ambassadors of advancement, disrupting the way people perceive, use and control water, while operating with integrity and commitment to socially conscious business principles. 

Flo is committed to providing consumers with innovative and accessible technology solutions which enable and transform the control and conservation of water.


Helping our water system grow

Residential plumbing has not realized meaningful innovation in decades, becoming among the most antiquated systems in our homes; this while scarcity of our most important natural resource worsens, and a trillion gallons or more of water is lost from home plumbing leaks each year. Those leaks cause billions of dollars in damages.

At a time when far less critical systems in the home (from air conditioning to the light switch) are experiencing an “internet of things” renaissance, we’re helping our home water systems grow up. Flo Technologies is revolutionizing residential water systems with smart and fully integrated solutions to meet the needs of today, while shaping the home water systems of tomorrow.


Henry Halimi


Henry is the inventor and creator of all Flo technologies, with 20+ years of developing plumbing products, manufacturing and sales experience. A mechanical engineer by trade, Henry invented a number of other plumbing products, one of which has sold tens of millions of units. After having a catastrophic plumbing leak in his own home and seeing no viable preventative technology solution on the market, Henry set out to re-think residential water systems.

Gabriel Halimi


Gabriel is a former law partner turned corporate operations executive, with extensive for-profit and non-profit startup experience, including in brand marketing for consumer brands. With the familiarity of being physically displaced by a plumbing leak behind him (the one in his father’s home), Gabriel left his successful career to join Henry in commercializing Flo’s proprietary technologies.